Directly connected to Namba station, our Japanese style rooms and
traditional Japanese restaurant give you the ideal stay in the heart of the Osaka.

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家族におすすめコース 大人から子供まで楽しめる!

RECOMMENDED ROUTES 1 Courses for Families! Standard and Bay Area Model Courses for both Adults and Children to Enjoy.

  • AM9:30

    Start at Hotel Ichiei

    Incredible Easy access to the middle of Minami (south)!
    From Hotel Ichiei, You can give your trip an amazing start by sightseeing the Minami Area!(south part of Osaka)

  • AM10:00

    ①Osaka Suijo Bus (Aqua Liner)

    Osaka is a city that has been carved history with the river enough to be said as "Suito"(The water Capital)
    Go to Osaka Castle with a water bus that is unique to the city where water transport has been developed since long ago.
    The amazing view of osaka city from the river side will double the fun.

  • AM11:00

    ②Osaka Castle & Osaka Castle Park

    Osaka Castle is one of the Representative of Osaka sightseeing spot. Knowledge-rich volunteer guide will guide you the main spots which you do not want to miss, so it,s safe. We also recommend spending time relaxing at the wide Osaka Castle Park.
    For children who are tired of walking, please use "Pretty park tram" in the shape of a cute train.You can move while enjoying the scenery slowly.

  • PM14:00


    One of the world's top-class aquariums, Kaiyukan. Up close, you will be able to see the acrobatic moves of the dolphins, beautiful whales and giant crabs.
    Last but not least, you will also be able to see the icon of the aquarium, the Great Whale Shark.
    While enjoying watching the beautiful scenes of the various aquatic life inside, you can also find various events going on outside as well!

  • PM16:00

    ④Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho

    After having fun time at the Aquarium, you can go to “Naniwa Kushinbo Yokocho” for some good food like Jiyuken’s curry rice katsu’s tonkatsu,Katsuya’s takoyaki,etc. There are many shops and restaurants representing the Osaka food culture creating the ultimate food theme park! The area was also designed to match the side streets of Osaka's Banpaku era, so even walking through will be an experience!

  • PM17:00

    ⑤Lego Land

    In the spring of 2015, millions of Lego blocks found their home at Osaka's "Tempozan" and opened the doors to families and visitors. You and your family will have a great time with th 4D cinema, Mini Land, a model of Osaka made up of over a million lego blocks, and also able to learn from a Lego professional at Master Builder Academy! With so many things to experience in the world of Lego, it is a popular attraction for all.

  • PM18:30

    ⑥Tenpozan Ferris Wheel

    One of the world's best Ferris wheel with a height of 112.5 m and a diameter of 100 m, rising just beside the Osaka Aquarium. Seeing through cabin with side, bottom transparent is also very popular. The night view of Osaka which you can see from the 100 meters above the ground level is exceptional !

  • PM19:30

    ⑦Namba Parks

    When you reach to “Namba Parks”, you will be surprised by the complex, which reflects the charm of the city and nature. On the rooftop, there is a rooftop park, Parks Gardens with a stream of about 10,000 square meters, and a rooftop park spreading out terraces on the 3rd to 9th floor, so you can enjoy a relaxing walk with no charge.Just a 3-minute walk from the hotel, you will be able to relax and enjoy your dinner late into the evening!

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