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Traveling! Shopping! Eating! Courses to enjoy with friends

RECOMMENDED ROUTES 1 Recommended for traveling friends! Model Courses for enjoying the Minami area

  • AM9:30

    Start at Hotel Ichiei

    Center of Minami, excellent access!
    The start of your tour begins at Hotel Ichiei!

  • AM9:45

    ①Dotonbori / Ebisu Bridge

    Start off with the trademark of Osaka.
    To commemorate your trip, don't forget to take a picture in front of Dotonbori's Glico!
    Fully experience the spirit of Osaka.
    Kuidaore Ningyo, the Glico sign, the Kanidoraku Crab.
    Enjoy your travel and leave memories of all of these iconic Osaka spots!

  • AM10:10

    ②Kuromon Market

    The market known as "the kitchen of the world" has supported Osaka's food culture with its daily fresh seafood and meat for years.
    Like the Kuromon Market, it is a huge food court and you can enjoy breakfast while walking down the strip.
    Of course there are shops that you can also eat-in at.
    We have many fresh and exciting ingredients unique to this market. With the stretch as long as 600 meters, you will be able to choose from 180 various shops.
    Fresh seafood, hand-made sushi made on the spot, roast beef and the specialty of the area - curry! You will be able to satisfy your palate with the amazing line-up of shops here.

  • AM11:00

    ③Enjoy the "Owarai" comedy show at Namba Grand Kagetsu

    With Osaka being the birth place of "Owarai" comedy, the Yoshimoto Kogyo performance is not to be missed when you are here.
    The Namba Grand Kagetsu is open all year round with no days closed, welcoming everyone at all times to enjoy the live two-person comedy acts and comedy to the fullest!
    At the shops rare Yoshimoto goods are also sold, and are great as souvenirs for those back home!

  • PM13:00

    ④Have a stroll around Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

    While enjoying a stroll around Shinsaibashi Shopping Street, enjoy gourmet street food at one of Osaka's prides, Konamon.
    You can find a lot of Takoyaki and Okonimiyaki restaurants.It may be fun to try those from different food stands and compare!

  • PM15:00

    ⑤Horie and American Village shopping

    Find yourself in the core of youth fashion and culture. With it situated at the west of Midosuji, you will be able to find a hub of vintage fashion and imported goods with shops lined all along the area of American Village. You will also be able to enjoy live shows and movies at the shopping mall Big Step, home to other unique shops.

  • PM17:00

    ⑥A retro downtown area of southern Osaka, Shinsekai

    First off, make sure you head to the 100 meter high look-out spot, Tsutenkaku! From the top, you will be able to see a 360 degree panorama of places such as Ikoma Mountain and Kobe's Rokko Mountain, and be able to enjoy a different angle of Osaka from the sky.
    You will also find the popular mascot Billiken at Tsutenkaku. They say if you rub his feet, good luck will come.
    After grabbing some Billiken goods you can find a lot of other souvenirs to check out in Osaka as well.

  • PM18:00

    ⑦Enjoy Osaka gourmet at JAN-JAN Street

    Step into an area where you are able to feel the retro vibes of the early age of Showa. With shops for the Japanese game Shogi or Smartball shops lined along JAN-JAN Street, you will find yourself in a whole new world.
    Calling the popular food Tonkatsu a recommendation would be an understatement. Located roughly 180 meters North East.

  • PM20:00

    ⑧City Center Onsen, Refresh yourself at Spa World

    After enjoying a full day at Shinsekai, lets wash off the day at Spa World. With various baths at Spa World,
    it is not only the ultimate place for relaxation, but with a pool, places to eat, and a place to stay, it is a great place for entertainment.
    After a unique experience of enjoying the baths, a massage there as is highly recommended as well.

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