Directly connected to Namba station, our Japanese style rooms and
traditional Japanese restaurant give you the ideal stay in the heart of the Osaka.

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Directly connected to Osaka Metro Namba station

Our hotel is directly connected to Osaka Metro Namba staion Exit 6.
Nankai Namba station is just across the street.
You can easily access to Kintetsu, Hanshin and JR line as well.

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Osaka's Popular Torist Attractions

  • ユニバーサルシティ

    The worlds largest Entertainment Theme Park.
    From children to Adults, anyone can enjoy Universal Studios Japan!

    To Universal CityApproximately30minutes

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  • 海遊館

    Located in Osaka is the worlds largest Aquarium "Kaiyukan". With large whale sharks swimming peacefully, the large structure of the tank makes you believe you are in the ocean. The aquarium has pockets of nature throughout the course that will leave you feeling one with nature.

    To the aquariumApproximately20minutes

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  • 通天閣

    Located in the heart of Shinsekai stands Osaka's famous 108 m tower Tsutenkaku. From observatory(5th floor) you will be able to have a beautiful view of the city of Osaka. You can also enjoy Osaka gourmet at Janjan Yokocho.

    To TsutenkakuApproximately15minutes

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  • 道頓堀

    Dotonbori, located in Osaka Minami's business district. Along with having a number of gourmet and shopping options, this area has everything from plays to live performances. This is the spot to enjoy everything from morning to evening in Osaka.

    To DotonboriApproximately10minutes

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  • 大阪城

    Constructed in the Azuchi-Momoyama period, it's an area filled with history. With the castle tower surrounded by Osaka Castle park, it has become a relaxing place for those that live in the city and enjoy the various flower ceremonies.

    To Osaka CastleApproximately20~25minutes

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  • 大阪ステーションシティ

    The spot representing the Osaka North Area, Umeda. At the opening of the north area you will also find JR Osaka station situated in the center, combined with the business and industry areas.

    To Osaka Station City Approximately20minutes

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Popular Tourist Spots in the Osaka Suburbs

  • 姫路城
    Himeji Temple

    As if the white heroine is dancing with the sky, Himeji Castle is also known as Shirasagi-jo. Utilizing ancient architectural techniques, the masterpiece was able to come to life. It was recognized as a national treasure in 1993.

    To Himeji TempleApproximately70minutes

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  • 京都

    Kyoto, a city steeped in history, is the ultimate touring spot in Japan. While being able to enjoy the area in all of its seasons, you will be able to experience the cultural centerpiece of Japan, visit powerspots and absorb the richness of the heritage.

    To KyotoApproximately30minutes

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  • 高野山

    With an elevation of approximately 900 meters, the numerous mountain peaks in Hachiyo, the mountain tops and basins leading to Koyasan. This place started by Kobodaishi - Kukai and the holy place for Esoteric Buddhism. It still continues to be the place for training and learning in Japan.

    To KoyasanApproximately110minutes

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