Directly connected to Namba station, our Japanese style rooms and
traditional Japanese restaurant give you the ideal stay in the heart of the Osaka.

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Privacy Policy

We implement measures to insure the safety of your personal information on Hotel Ichiei's website ( For more information on the guidelines and laws on personal information, please refer to the following information.

By using our site you consent to our privacy policy. Your private information will not be shared with any third party without your consent, unless in the case of requested necessary information by court or police officials.

【Private Information Acquisition】

When browsing our site, we do not request for personal information.

However when using our site for booking, for reservations, day drip plans or when using our contact form services, necessary information such as address and name may be required.

【About Private Information Protection and Management】

Measures will be taken to insure the safety and correct management of your private information, and will not allow it to be passed on to any outside sources.

For the information that is gathered, our managers and and those in charge of handling the information will also be limited.

The data base in which private information is stored, passwords and other necessary access details will strictly only be known to relevant persons to prevent data leaks and unauthorized access. To insure correct handling of information, we may allow trusted third-parties access to the data base. However, measures will be taken to ensure correct safekeeping of private information. In the case of unauthorized access, we will take security measures to safeguard personal information.

【About the use of the Private information】

Regarding the handling of personal information received from customers, it will not be used except for the purpose of providing services and handling checks, during times such as confirmation of reservation.

However, we may offer information that you believe may be of interest from our in-house or outsourced company. If you do not wish to receive this information, you can stop by contacting the distributor.

In addition, if we are requested to release your personal information to a court, a police station, a public institution such as a public prosecutor, or similar institutions, it may be necessary disclose information without your consent.

【Correction / deletion of personal information】

We will correct and delete personal information received from the customer without delay when it is requested by the customer. Also, upon requesting disclosure of personal information about the customer himself, we will promptly disclose it to said customer, unless it is judged that the customer or the hotel will come to harm.

In the case of requesting your own personal information, we will ask you to present identification (driving license or passport etc). Please understand that there may be a charge for correction / disclosure.

【Inquiries about our Privacy Policy】

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Officer responsible for handling personal information management: Manager Daijiro Yamaoka